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  *Marriage is one of most interesting
  event in ones life
  *Itís the foundation for a New beginning
  *Happy Searching
  *After Search on Engagement and
  *Pl Act To Recatagoraise Your Profile
  Status in Happily Married
  *Give Proper Intimation Help
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*Profiles with BOC Blocked on Choice BOR Blocked on Request
On request will Be contacted By Ashwini Team and connected
onely on Concerned agreeing otherwise matter not proceeded further
*Once Concerned gets enagaged or getting married or happily married
They shd Recatagorise their Status without fail in Last Pages
Engaged- Getting Married- Happily Married
*Ashwini Team involves in Search
continues to provoide supportive information By email onely
*They work from Home and avilable all time But provoiding reply may
take some time and concerned can make their own enquires for fruitful
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